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Our Process

Given our military background, every asbestos removal is treated with care and precision.

Full Information

Information and understanding of all people involved is vital both before and during the project.

Before starting your project, we thoroughly brief you on the process we will undertake. We help you understand exactly what will happen, when it will happen and how it will happen.

We will give you detailed instructions on how we will maintain the safety of you, your family and your home during the removal process.

You will also be provided with a notification letter to deliver to your neighbours to ensure that they are aware of the works being done.


We ensure that we minimise the risk of asbestos contamination into areas outside the removal zone through sealing off the area and implementing air control systems.

We implement procedures to ensure our plastic lined and approved disposal bins are kept as close to the removal zone as possible, to minimise potential risks carrying from asbestos through your yard.

We create clean zones within the removal space, where we place our uncontaminated tools and safety equipment. We never exit the removal space (even to go to the loo or grab lunch) without undertaking thorough personal decontamination to reduce the risk of stray fibres entering your house.


We install air monitoring for all jobs (big and small) to ensure that areas across your property remain fibre free and safe. While this is not a legal requirement and not done by most other companies, we believe in providing total peace of mind.


We commence removal by removing all skirting boards, architraves and cornices to provide access to the walls and other areas. Unlike standard demolition projects, the priority is the removal of asbestos sheeting whole wherever possible to reduce the risk of loose fibres.

Using a fine glue/water blend, all surfaces are continually misted during removal to further reduce fibre release.

Once removed, the materials are wrapped and sealed in plastic, with the outside of the plastic further misted with a glue blend to trap any fibres. They are then taken to your disposal bin.

Your bins are then removed in compliance with legislative requirements, by specialists in the transport of asbestos to approved asbestos disposal facilities.

Assessment & Certification

At the end of each removal, we arrange for an independent assessor to inspect the area to ensure that your home has been thoroughly cleared, and to provide a certificate of clearance.

Once clearance has been given, we apply a final sealant across the area to permanently seal and render safe any remaining fibres.


At the end of the process, we carefully and systematically bag and remove our equipment and tools, before undertaking one final thorough clean.

Your area is then returned to you in a state ready for the next trade to commence work.

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